A Field of dreams

A Field of Dreams

The Field of Dreams is one of my favorite movies. An Iowa corn farmer hears voices in his head and he interprets them as a call to build a baseball diamond in his fields and "he" will come.  To me it is a film about dreams and realizations.  Burt Lancaster plays a talented ball player who ends up becoming a family doctor.  In the end he faces a choice to be a ball player and live out his childhood dream or cross the line and save a child, and be the doctor.  I won't leave you in suspense, he crossed the line, he saved the child, and he realized he was living his dream by being the doctor.

Today, Cammie and I took Maggie to Wholefoods in Portland, Maine to visit a very special end cap. (Industry term for the end of an aisle which a store considers prime real estate.)  A few years ago, I started hearing voices in my head.  Make it and "they" will come.  Cammie and I have always wanted to start a Natural Food Company where we make safe food coloring for our children.  So after several years of research, Maggie's Naturals was imagined, conceptualized and now realized.  I am a constant believer of "imagine it and it will one day be".  There were many hurdles in getting our product to market, which makes today all the more satisfying.

I have pursued quite a few large dreams in my life, and have made a few of them come true.  I am so happy to have this picture so that Maggie will always remember to dream, and dream BIG!  This is only the start for Maggie's Naturals.  

As an added bonus as we were leaving Whole Foods we noticed another small business on another end cap...

One of those moments

I recently had one of those moments.  You know the ones where you laugh at life and wonder how you got where you are at that certain moment.  
There I was in Augusta, Maine at the back bay of our printer who had just finished a custom order where our new art pads and crayons had to be shrink wrapped as a bundle.  I was in between two large freight trucks in my minivan and could not stop thinking about the farmers markets in California from where we came.  I felt encouraged, and hopeful for a busy Holiday season and first quarter of 2013.  You need these moments when you run your own business to remind you to keep going.  Maybe one day those trucks will say eco-kids and they will be leaving from our distribution center.  
You have to imagine it for it to become reality...right?  

Build a Block set

It is part of life sometimes to feel disconnected.  
Life sometimes feels rudimentary. Something happens like Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast and the people on the West Coast are reading about it on there home page.  It happens to all of us when something tragic occurs thousands of miles away.  For me personally,  it's times like this that connect us most.  Flights are cancelled around the country affecting busy schedules and lives.  We start to read the stories of the aftermath and the people who were hit the hardest.  The pictures start to amaze us, like the shark swimming around the yard in New Jersey and stories of perseverance start to emerge.  I think of the hospitals that got evacuated, I think of the staff and nurses that worked so hard to make sure that other peoples family's were safe.  My thoughts are with the people who lost a loved one. I also hope that those without electricity and food will soon get relief. 

On the business side of Hurricane Sandy, an entire country is affected.  Businesses are closed or running on a skeleton staff,  orders are lost or delayed and guaranteed deliveries have no guarantee anymore.  Anyone who works with, or relies on,  manufacturing that comes out of the hardest hit areas finds themselves making adjustments to keep there businesses moving forward.  Here at eco-kids this is the case.  The company that was helping manufacture our bio degradable marker casings is based in Long Island and they have been dramatically affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Our hope to have the new eco-markers in stores by the holiday season will not be met.  With this news adjustments and tough choices have been made.  The company that produces our eco-markers is assessing the extent of the damage to their factory and we wish them luck.  For us, we are postponing a great new product that represents hundreds of man hours.  For them, they may lose a business that represents millions of dollars in property, production, employment, and livelihood.

So as our connection to Hurricane Sandy leads us to postpone the release of our eco-markers, we are now focusing on getting our stores the new eco-build a block set.  Another product we are proud of here at eco-kids!  A 100% recycled cardboard build a block set that inspires imagination and creativity.  
Life has to move forward and you have to land from the bumps in the road and be open to the path that is in front of you.

Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence

This morning eco-kids received an email from our Japanese Distributor.  He was letting us know that eco-kids products are now available in 60 retail shops in Japan.  Along with the email, they sent pictures of our products in their Japanese packaging.  I'm really blown away by this...how did this happen?  How amazing!  What an accomplishment for my family, my business, and our staff.  So many times our bank account has drifted to the point of me loosing my sanity from worry.  But each time, we reinvested more money and believed that we were on the right track.  It is moments like this that makes the stress worth every penny.  

I think about how I grew up and how my father always talked to me about persistence.  Once when I was 13, and struggling in school, he gave me a plaque with a quote on it. I have never forgotten this quote and it has led me through life.  It has also given me the strength to fail over and over again so that I could finally succeed.  I will always be grateful to my father for giving me this knowledge.  Trust me, he had to be persistent and persevere to get it in my thick skull.

So...as eco-kids still perseveres to maintain relevancy in the marketplace, moments like this are affirmations of our goals and our visions.  It is important for all of us, no matter what walk of life, to have these moments of success after persevering through the challenges.  So I am humbled and thankful that my father talked to me about persistence, and that I now have this story and photos to share with my children and pass on this knowledge.

Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “Press On” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.
- Calvin Coolidge

 eco-kids in Japan!


There are two Japanese lilac trees in our front yard.  This morning I became aware just how bare they have become.  During spring, I always look forward to the arrival of green buds on these trees.  They have an amazing scent that lasts for months and since moving to Maine they have signified warmth and growth to me.
  It was a summer full of travel with the kids, planting our garden and mowing the lawn.  Today is a new day.  The leaves are falling and for the first time there is frost on the cars.  It is cold.  It is Fall.  Halloween, Thanksgiving and the holidays are around the corner.  For most, this is a time of year to slow down.  Shorter days filled with fires, winter stews, and of course lots of dark ales. For eco-kids it is time to gear up. Like most businesses the fourth quarter is when it all needs to come together.  This is the time of year when we order the most from our vendors to supply the needs of our retailers.  We are preparing for two trade shows in January and February.  It's hard to believe that we are already fulfilling orders for our eco-eggs coloring kit.  The response to this product over the years has been amazing.  This year we will be sold at Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn Kids, West Elm, JCrew, and Whole Foods.  And most importantly, hundreds of Mom and Pops that were and still are the backbone of our rising success.  It's almost too mind blowing to imagine that this all started at a farmers market in Los Angeles.  It is time to buckle in for the ride of endless phone calls, business meetings, Jet Blue Mileage points, and lots and lots of coffee!

On a side note, I would like to add that the other night in Portland, Maine we had a 4.0 earthquake!  Yes an EARTHQUAKE!  I thought there was a runaway train or an off course jet.  I never would have thought when we left Los Angeles that Maine would be where I felt my largest earthquake.  Maybe it was a sign.  

Anything can happen, right? 

So I guess for us, we are meant to travel an open minded path and let the bumps in the road change our present coarse.

We have a winner!

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Two Worlds Collide

So...I live a double life. I must admit it now.  Some of you know my secret.  Both lives recently collided as scheduling and logistics came into play.   I have acted in several films and one is a popular horror film called The Strangers.  I have to say that whether or not you are a fan of horror films, there is nothing like a horror convention.  The fans of these films are passionate and always so happy to meet you.  They are some of the best fans on the planet.   
You never hear of Romantic Comedy Conventions, right?

So getting logistics, flights and contracts squared away, along with traveling to NYC for eco-kids means the two paths will finally cross.  I always find it interesting when fans in the film world come up to me almost too scared to speak.   I want to tell them “don't worry…its okay, I make art supplies and toys in real life!”   Or, when I’m at a trade show for eco-kids and people ask if I have a background in chemistry,  I usually get a good laugh.
I've always kept these two worlds separate but I have learned that people want to know about eco-kids, our family, and my life.  So when you meet me and I am showing you our new markers, playing with your kids at our art table, painting with our vegetable paints, or showing you the new woodland world coloring book, remember...
I’m an ax-wielding maniac in the film world!
Kip Weeks


Phone calls, e-mails, deliveries, new employees, new products! 

Fourth quarter has started and retailers are gearing up for the holidays.  This is a great time of year for business like mine.  Another busy summer getting new products to market has come and gone.  If I look back, my favorite time in our business is when there is not enough time in the day to get it all done.  We've been answering questions from every avenue that they could come from. 
I am so happy to be delivering five new products to market in the next few weeks that have been in development for over a year. One in particular, our new eco-markers, has been a constant thought for over five years. 
We are honored to bring our world and our children the "FIRST" alcohol free fruit, plant and vegetable based markers.  Each box of markers will have 6 colors; blue, brown, purple, green, orange and yellow.  On top of that the casings used to make our marker barrels are made from biodegradable plastic.  I am proud that we are part of the evolution of sustainable products that fit into what needs to be a sustainable lifestyle.  

We are all learning how to be better people to the earth.
 It is our responsibility to make it better. 
I love industry and business but today I feel like saying, 
"Go Hug a Tree!!!"

eco-markers at eco-kids
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Behind the scenes in the eco-kids workshop

We're gettin' busy!

Orders to fill from the NYIGF,
our Japanese distributor needs products to sell,
BIG orders on tap for eco-egg coloring kits
and then there is just doing our daily thing.

It's all fun and it's all good.

Down by the Woodland World stream

It was turning into a wonderful fall afternoon for Frank, Sammy and Maple as they headed down to the Woodland World stream.  They were excited to meet up with Dean and Bruno at the old swimming hole.  The river was starting to get cold and the gangs swimming days were coming to an end for the season. 

When they arrived, Bruno was spreading out a blanket and setting up for a picnic feast.  Dean, the moose, was laughing and splashing around in the cool water with Spritz. Sammy, who raced ahead of his friends, flew high in the sky and dove like an arrow into the river.

Maple eased her way to the edge of the stream and tentatively stuck in a talon.  "Oh! It's already so cold, I think I'll just hang out in the sun and warm my feathers".

"Don't be so silly Maple, come on in it's so refreshing" said Dean as he pranced through the water with his antlers held high.

"I agree with you Maple" said Bruno, "Besides I don't want to get my hair all wet. It took me forever to get it just right".  Bruno peered into the stream to catch his reflection.  He pointed to the handsome image that reflected back at him "Here's lookin' at you kid".  Spritz rolled around in the water laughing with his friend.

 As they all splashed and played Frank floated up stream away from the gang where he knew the fish would not be spooked.  Bears like the element of surprise!  He looked back at the scene down the river.  Frank was filled with happiness watching all his Woodland World pals playing together, sharing and enjoying the day.

Click on image to download a Woodland World coloring page!

Common Ground Fair

Kids are back in school, daily routines and schedules are being finalized, apples are being picked, and Halloween is around the corner.  The weather in Maine is crisp in the morning and warm in the afternoon.  The debate of when to turn the heat on or light the first fire of the season has already begun.  The leaves are turning yellow and lightly scattering in the yard. T shirts and shorts are being stored away to make room for sweaters and boots.  Looking out our office window the squirrels are busy with endless gathering, letting us know winter is coming.   This is one of our favorite times of the year at eco-kids. 

This weekend we do our annual visit to the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine.  A weekend full of talking with like minded people who still have their hands in the dirt.  Farmers, artists, bakers, craftsmen and craftswomen, all coming together to bring their worldly knowledge to one small village. 

This is the one place where I feel comfortable letting my 8 year old son off on his own.  He is most likely eating apples, listening to bluegrass or sliding down the grassy hill riding cardboard sleds with other vendors and fair goers kids. 

If you are in need of breathing out and remembering what life is all about then head North!

If you're able to come to Unity, Maine and be a part of the Common Ground Fair, come stop by and say hello to us at our booth in the Maine Market Place.  

Enjoy the Fall, eat local food and live well!!!

It’s a beautiful September day!  Fall is in the air under the meeting tree in Woodland World.  

Frank, the bear, is busy raking up the crispy colorful leaves.  He was unaware that Maple and Sammy were hiding up in the huge tree. They love playing tricks on their woodland friends, especially as it is getting close to spooky Halloween. 

Every time Frank turned his back thinking he had raked up all the leaves, Maple and Sammy would drop more down to the ground.  Orange, red and gold rained down from the tree.  Frank would look around and think he was done when all of a sudden, there were more leaves! 

Frank started to guess that something was amiss, especially when he heard giggling coming from up above.

“I know you’re up there Maple and Sammy!” exclaimed Frank.

“Oh Sammy...we were giggling too loud” whispered Maple "He's on to us!"  Sammy and Maple came out of hiding and flew down to the lowest resting branch on the tree.

“Hi Frank...it was us. Hee hee hee...what are you going to do today?” asked Sammy

“WELL... I thought I would go fishing, if I could just finish raking all these leaves!”

Sammy, Maple, and Frank all had a good giggle.  Laughing, raking and blowing the leaves with their birdy wings they all cooperated  together to finish the task. 

"Off to the stream!" they cheered.

Stay tuned for more Woodland World adventures!

We've all been watching things grow and change at eco-kids. Our families, our homes, our new products and old standbys.  We are excited to bring our new innovative products to market.  eco-kids will be introducing blocks, all natural markers, coloring books, stickers, posters and a gift wrapping kit.  

All made locally...using recycled materials and soy ink. 

low environmental impact ~ high creative experience  




What are we all doing, and what are we doing it for?  Sometimes you need a little perspective, and thanks to Derek May of the Drawing Dreams Foundation I was happy to have that perspective back.  eco-kids partnered with Drawing Dreams to deliver our natural art supplies to 25 pediatric hospitals around the country.  When Derek asked us to work with him it was a "you had me at hello" moment.

eco-kids is trying so hard to build a sustainable business right now in a very tough economy. Our focus is constantly on sales, purchase orders, product development, and prepping for the New York International Gift Fair in August.  Cammie and I went down to NYC to meet with FAO Shwartz, and look at our products in the store.  All though a great experience,  the hiccups to overcome started fueling my negative thoughts.  Add in a little bit of anxiety and feeling like I was going to faint, all could happen when you build a business from scratch.  It is always on the line...

We shipped eco-art pads and eco-crayons to 24 hospitals and hand delivered the 25th donation to Maine Medical Center here in Portland.  I took the elevator to the 6th floor and after being buzzed into the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital wing, the normally bland walls of the hospital turned in to an array of color and life.  This hospital is sentimental to me.  My daughter, who has Down Syndrome and is easily susceptible to pneumonia, has spent some long nights in this wing.  The staff and nurses are so caring and selfless.  It was great to see how well the children were being cared for, with anything to help them smile.  I walked around wishing I was Michael Clark Duncan in "the Green Mile" wanting to hug every child and then have magic bees take away there illness or pain.  When I was leaving I couldn't stop thinking about how important it was to be PARTICIPATING in life, and for me in Drawing Dreams.  

So my problems, are dealing with venders, reps, companies, damaged products, feeling like things are falling apart in my business, (apparently hyperventilating once in a while) while trying to answer 200 questions at once.  Those"problems" led me to working with Drawing Dreams.  Is it really a "problem" or just an adjustment in perspective?

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Have a great weekend!

New goals, new products, major deadlines.  Tomorrow we head down to NYC to work with our natural chemist to finalize a new product we are introducing at the New York International Gift Fair in August.  We are hoping to bring a new medium to children's markers.  The markers will be bio degradable with a vegetable dye base and come with ink refills.  Less needed material, less waste.  I am always looking forward to these steps as you get close to seeing the finished product.  It will be a great way to finish off this week. 

Had a excellent meeting this morning with our illustrator, Portland Maine based artist Mike Lewis.  Helping eco-kids create new worlds for children to explore and watching them come to life is awesome. 
We will be introducing our new eco-kids coloring book series, Woodland World and Underwater Kingdom at the the NYIGF.  Each book contains 48 coloring and/or activity images featuring a cast of six hand drawn characters.  Printed in Maine using wind power on recycled paper with soy ink.  Our goal is to "step it up" in the world of coloring books and give children and parents a more artistic and sophisticated choice than what is in the market place.

A sneak peak at Woodland World!


Schools out for summer,  Jacks at camp everyday, Maggie spends the day at the Beach with Kelsey and Gus rolls around the house counting minutes between feedings.  It is great watching these kids grow in different stages and a challenge to meet there needs.  

eco kids is growing as well and it is a challenge to meet the needs of the company.  We have 6 weeks till the New York International Gift Fair and a full plate of deadlines to meet.  We are debuting 7 new products to market!  With this comes organizing ourselves, coordinating with our office team, working with our illustrator, graphic designer, web designer, packaging staff, shipping team, and getting all of this to the printers in time for New York... ...what else would I do today?

I sometimes think how nice it would be to be one of the kids. We are stretched thin but know what the outcome in NY can be. Bringing our new products to our existing retailers, and knowing that the major accounts will be in to talk to us...that is exciting.  We'll grow larger, employ more people, build a presence in the market place, give our staff livelihood and be able to do more with our families.  To know that we conceptualized something from an idea to the market shelf is pretty cool.  Isn't that what this challenge is about, being able to do more, experience more and travel the world.  We have exiting things to come in the near future.  We are looking ahead but keeping our eye on the daily tasks to get there. Stay tuned my fellow readers, the challenge continues...

A little teaser of things to come...

PS.  No one at llBeans has contacted us yet.

Full Circle

Never boring and never predetermined life does take you on a journey.  Some travel hard and fast and burn out quick, others meander along winding trails full of forks and turns.  And many of us find that life is full of circles.  Even though I have traveled the world, I am occasionally stopped in my tracks and realize how small the world is. 

No matter where I have been, when I think of home, I think of New England.  Where I spent my youth, and where most of my life realization took place.  You always gravitate home, either mentally or physically.  As I start to pack for Market Square Day in Portsmouth, New Hampshire...I think about my childhood where I grew up and graduated from high school.  I think about my old bedroom, in my old house, the posters on the walls, the friends of my adolescence, the snow falling on the mill pond.

Now I return, as an adult with a family of my own, and a growing business.  I look forward to returning to Portsmouth, to Market Square Day.  I also look forward to possibly running into old friends and actually saying "Has it really been 10 years?", and meeting there children who are about to circle and navigate the world.
Market Square Day
Portsmouth, NH
June 9th, 2012

It has been an odd week at eco-kids.  There have been a lot of special requests coming from all directions. Some good, some frustrating.  We are looking forward to working with a non profit group - supplying eco-kids products to children in over 25 hospitals around the country.  More to come on that as it develops!  When you own a small family business it's always hard to please everyone. There are distributors, rep groups, retailers, your wife, and most importantly your kids.

Jack doesn't understand why I can't stop my day the second he gets off the bus and play Star Wars, with used action figures bought off eBay that were made during 1978 to 1982.  Back when the toys were made in Hong Kong with quality, and have the names of kids from generations past written on the bottom of there feet. (Sorry had to throw that in there, and by the way, they are more affordable, last longer, and have a great sense of nostalgia when you are playing with them).

OK, so back to all these requests.  You can't please everyone as your company grows.  As you grow, you work on bringing your cost of goods down while trying to meet demand.  As you make changes to survive, there will be those who can't change with you, but if those changes build your business while holding on to your convictions of running a sustainable environmentally conscious business...others will come.  It might be hard to see that while in the thick of it, but if you believe in who you are so will they.  You may lose an account, but you'll gain three in return, all the while trying not to let negative energy consume you and wish those party's well. After that, stop what your doing, pick up your X wing fighter, forget that your almost 40, and run around the yard with your son protecting the rebel alliance from the Republic and FLY!

Flash Merchandising

As a young child I remember my father waking us up early in the morning for our bi-annual pilgrimage for duck boots, khakis and flannels.   LLBean has always been a part of our lives like holidays and birthdays.

Being a Maine based company, eco-kids has always wanted to be featured at Beans.  However, navigating through the maze of corporate retailers is sometimes very hard...unanswered faceless emails,  jumping through hoops and dead ends.

So the other day I decided to just drive up and place our products on their shelves.  With my accomplice Gus, I walked past the giant boot and through the door,  past the trout pound and up the elevator.  

As I looked over my shoulder I planned my attack.  I decided to Flash Merchandise™ their shelves with the entire eco-kids line!  Whether or not we ever receive an order from Beans....I will forever know that eco-kids made it on the shelves.  I would like to think that Leon Leonwood Bean would be proud of my assertiveness and tenacity.

I look forward to a phone call from head quarters wondering who the hell I am and how my products got on their shelves.

If you happen to make a trip to LLBean ask for eco-kids!
eco-kids Flash Merchandising™ at Beans!

June is almost here which means the end of school and the start of summer.  After two weeks of rain in Portland the eco kids family is looking forward to getting OUTSIDE! This is our slow time of year at eco kids, which gives this family time to reconnect after a busy work and school year.  We have already planted our garden, started our weekly trips to the Deering Oaks farmers market and have been more consistent about our morning and nightly walks. 

We all are so busy that it's nice to stop and smell the lilacs on our walks and forget about margins and projections for just a moment. We feel very lucky to live in Maine and we are looking forward to summer lobster bakes,  Damariscotta oysters, fresh picked strawberries on the way to kettle cove Beach and building fairy houses with Maggie on Mackworth island.  And on a personal note we plan on eating tons of locally grown corn this summer!

          It is a beautiful Friday today in Portland Maine.  
                        Have a great weekend!

Another week has flown by at eco-kids.  A week filled with orders, product development and marketing.  It is amazing to think how far we have come in 5 long, short years.  We have gone from stove top to counter top in stores around the country and over seas.  From negotiating our spot at the Hollywood Farmers Market to negotiating our deal with Taka our Japanese distributor. An exciting journey continues as eco-kids grows. 

We recently attended a boot camp at The Stonyfield Farm Entrepreneurship Institute in Concord, New Hampshire.  We enjoyed talking and meeting like minded people that were on many levels and stages of business.  Everyone from someone with a start up idea to companies grossing millions of dollars.  Cammie and I left so inspired to be better business people and to make sure we don't lose our roots while we grow.  Also, to always remember what kind of impact our company has on a local and global scale.  We will continue to be an eco-responsible company.  As simple as this sounds it is overlooked more than less.  It is nice to feel like there is change in the air, and the big business practices of the past can and will change, and we feel privileged to be a part of that. 

We would like to thank...

The Stonyfield Farm Entrepreneurship Institute
 The Carsey Institute
 The Whittemore School of Business and Economics 


2008 Where it all started!

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eco-kids introduces Maggie's Naturals!

You know eco-kids, now meet Maggie’s Naturals!

You’ve gotten to know eco-kids, makers of all natural art supplies – now that same family run business would like to introduce you to Maggie’s Naturals.  The two companies are rooted with the same philosophy, to bring all natural ingredients into your everyday life.

Just like eco-kids uses all natural ingredients in their art supplies, Maggie’s Naturals takes it to the kitchen. Through the use of all natural plant, fruit and vegetable extracts, Maggie’s Naturals wants to change the way you add color to your recipes by introducing you to the company’s natural food coloring line.

With Maggie’s Naturals natural food coloring you won’t cringe every time your child puts a homemade frosted cupcake in their mouth. You’ll know your food, because you know your ingredients. It’s time to change the standard and go back to the farm!

Maggie’s Naturals natural food coloring can now be part of your retail line! It is available in six beautiful colors (blue, brown, green, orange, pink, yellow) and is liquid based.

Help spread the word about Maggie’s Naturals.  Like eco-kids and Maggie’s Naturals on Facebook.  Learn more at www.maggiesnaturals.com.


Local Spiderweb Effect

At eco-kids Design and development are other words for art and production.  The art of the design is a form of freedom of expression and community brainstorming.  Our entire team is involved with new product development.  It’s a chance to remove yourself from your title and to step out of the daily routine of shipping and receiving, calls with reps and distributors, and constant problem solving that comes with owning your own business.
Designing is an exciting part of our business, watching a product go from our brainstorm board, to design and development, to walking into a store and seeing your “idea” make it to the marketplace. 
At eco-kids, thinking outside the box inspires our designs. Being innovators for others to follow.  Designing products and lines that follow the way we as owners live our lives.  With an environmental responsibility to make a change to the way products are made and packaged.  
Being a company based in Portland Maine, what excites me most is talking about our local contribution.  What I call the local spider web affect.  By keeping our production and manufacturing in the US, and Portland Maine in particular, we can track the effects that our business has on the local community and the state of Maine.  We can take moneys that we funnel into our community and we can start connecting the web of jobs that we help create, jobs that we help sustain, and commerce that we help build.
One example is Tyler, who runs our production.  His generated salary each year is distributed through out the local community.  He pays rent to a local family for the house he rents, he pays his car payment to the local car dealer that he bought his car from, he goes out to eat at locally owned establishments.  Tyler then becomes a cross joint in the local spider web for the community.  The family that owns his house uses that money to put thier daughter through school at University of Southern Maine, the dealership continues to provide sustainable jobs through sales force and maintenance, and the restaurants he chooses continue to employ chefs, waiters, and buying there food seasonally from local farmers around New England.  This local spider web effect is infinite, and amazing.  Someone’s small contribution to local living can help contribute to millions of dollars of local support.  If we start thinking on a scale of where are we spending our money and where does it go from there, we can start seeing the possibility of economical change and being a part of that change.  To put this challenge in our own hands, that is EXCITING!
My prediction for the future is that we get back to the farm, start learning new skills, bringing environmentally sound manufacturing back to the United States.  By taking the best and worst that we learned from the industrial revolution, and going 2.0.  eco-kids is proud to part of this new revolution and proud to “IN SOURCE MAINE”!