Down by the Woodland World stream

It was turning into a wonderful fall afternoon for Frank, Sammy and Maple as they headed down to the Woodland World stream.  They were excited to meet up with Dean and Bruno at the old swimming hole.  The river was starting to get cold and the gangs swimming days were coming to an end for the season. 

When they arrived, Bruno was spreading out a blanket and setting up for a picnic feast.  Dean, the moose, was laughing and splashing around in the cool water with Spritz. Sammy, who raced ahead of his friends, flew high in the sky and dove like an arrow into the river.

Maple eased her way to the edge of the stream and tentatively stuck in a talon.  "Oh! It's already so cold, I think I'll just hang out in the sun and warm my feathers".

"Don't be so silly Maple, come on in it's so refreshing" said Dean as he pranced through the water with his antlers held high.

"I agree with you Maple" said Bruno, "Besides I don't want to get my hair all wet. It took me forever to get it just right".  Bruno peered into the stream to catch his reflection.  He pointed to the handsome image that reflected back at him "Here's lookin' at you kid".  Spritz rolled around in the water laughing with his friend.

 As they all splashed and played Frank floated up stream away from the gang where he knew the fish would not be spooked.  Bears like the element of surprise!  He looked back at the scene down the river.  Frank was filled with happiness watching all his Woodland World pals playing together, sharing and enjoying the day.

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