A Field of dreams

A Field of Dreams

The Field of Dreams is one of my favorite movies. An Iowa corn farmer hears voices in his head and he interprets them as a call to build a baseball diamond in his fields and "he" will come.  To me it is a film about dreams and realizations.  Burt Lancaster plays a talented ball player who ends up becoming a family doctor.  In the end he faces a choice to be a ball player and live out his childhood dream or cross the line and save a child, and be the doctor.  I won't leave you in suspense, he crossed the line, he saved the child, and he realized he was living his dream by being the doctor.

Today, Cammie and I took Maggie to Wholefoods in Portland, Maine to visit a very special end cap. (Industry term for the end of an aisle which a store considers prime real estate.)  A few years ago, I started hearing voices in my head.  Make it and "they" will come.  Cammie and I have always wanted to start a Natural Food Company where we make safe food coloring for our children.  So after several years of research, Maggie's Naturals was imagined, conceptualized and now realized.  I am a constant believer of "imagine it and it will one day be".  There were many hurdles in getting our product to market, which makes today all the more satisfying.

I have pursued quite a few large dreams in my life, and have made a few of them come true.  I am so happy to have this picture so that Maggie will always remember to dream, and dream BIG!  This is only the start for Maggie's Naturals.  

As an added bonus as we were leaving Whole Foods we noticed another small business on another end cap...