Flash Merchandising

As a young child I remember my father waking us up early in the morning for our bi-annual pilgrimage for duck boots, khakis and flannels.   LLBean has always been a part of our lives like holidays and birthdays.

Being a Maine based company, eco-kids has always wanted to be featured at Beans.  However, navigating through the maze of corporate retailers is sometimes very hard...unanswered faceless emails,  jumping through hoops and dead ends.

So the other day I decided to just drive up and place our products on their shelves.  With my accomplice Gus, I walked past the giant boot and through the door,  past the trout pound and up the elevator.  

As I looked over my shoulder I planned my attack.  I decided to Flash Merchandise™ their shelves with the entire eco-kids line!  Whether or not we ever receive an order from Beans....I will forever know that eco-kids made it on the shelves.  I would like to think that Leon Leonwood Bean would be proud of my assertiveness and tenacity.

I look forward to a phone call from head quarters wondering who the hell I am and how my products got on their shelves.

If you happen to make a trip to LLBean ask for eco-kids!
eco-kids Flash Merchandising™ at Beans!

June is almost here which means the end of school and the start of summer.  After two weeks of rain in Portland the eco kids family is looking forward to getting OUTSIDE! This is our slow time of year at eco kids, which gives this family time to reconnect after a busy work and school year.  We have already planted our garden, started our weekly trips to the Deering Oaks farmers market and have been more consistent about our morning and nightly walks. 

We all are so busy that it's nice to stop and smell the lilacs on our walks and forget about margins and projections for just a moment. We feel very lucky to live in Maine and we are looking forward to summer lobster bakes,  Damariscotta oysters, fresh picked strawberries on the way to kettle cove Beach and building fairy houses with Maggie on Mackworth island.  And on a personal note we plan on eating tons of locally grown corn this summer!

          It is a beautiful Friday today in Portland Maine.  
                        Have a great weekend!

Another week has flown by at eco-kids.  A week filled with orders, product development and marketing.  It is amazing to think how far we have come in 5 long, short years.  We have gone from stove top to counter top in stores around the country and over seas.  From negotiating our spot at the Hollywood Farmers Market to negotiating our deal with Taka our Japanese distributor. An exciting journey continues as eco-kids grows. 

We recently attended a boot camp at The Stonyfield Farm Entrepreneurship Institute in Concord, New Hampshire.  We enjoyed talking and meeting like minded people that were on many levels and stages of business.  Everyone from someone with a start up idea to companies grossing millions of dollars.  Cammie and I left so inspired to be better business people and to make sure we don't lose our roots while we grow.  Also, to always remember what kind of impact our company has on a local and global scale.  We will continue to be an eco-responsible company.  As simple as this sounds it is overlooked more than less.  It is nice to feel like there is change in the air, and the big business practices of the past can and will change, and we feel privileged to be a part of that. 

We would like to thank...

The Stonyfield Farm Entrepreneurship Institute
 The Carsey Institute
 The Whittemore School of Business and Economics 


2008 Where it all started!

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eco-kids introduces Maggie's Naturals!

You know eco-kids, now meet Maggie’s Naturals!

You’ve gotten to know eco-kids, makers of all natural art supplies – now that same family run business would like to introduce you to Maggie’s Naturals.  The two companies are rooted with the same philosophy, to bring all natural ingredients into your everyday life.

Just like eco-kids uses all natural ingredients in their art supplies, Maggie’s Naturals takes it to the kitchen. Through the use of all natural plant, fruit and vegetable extracts, Maggie’s Naturals wants to change the way you add color to your recipes by introducing you to the company’s natural food coloring line.

With Maggie’s Naturals natural food coloring you won’t cringe every time your child puts a homemade frosted cupcake in their mouth. You’ll know your food, because you know your ingredients. It’s time to change the standard and go back to the farm!

Maggie’s Naturals natural food coloring can now be part of your retail line! It is available in six beautiful colors (blue, brown, green, orange, pink, yellow) and is liquid based.

Help spread the word about Maggie’s Naturals.  Like eco-kids and Maggie’s Naturals on Facebook.  Learn more at www.maggiesnaturals.com.