Flash Merchandising

As a young child I remember my father waking us up early in the morning for our bi-annual pilgrimage for duck boots, khakis and flannels.   LLBean has always been a part of our lives like holidays and birthdays.

Being a Maine based company, eco-kids has always wanted to be featured at Beans.  However, navigating through the maze of corporate retailers is sometimes very hard...unanswered faceless emails,  jumping through hoops and dead ends.

So the other day I decided to just drive up and place our products on their shelves.  With my accomplice Gus, I walked past the giant boot and through the door,  past the trout pound and up the elevator.  

As I looked over my shoulder I planned my attack.  I decided to Flash Merchandise™ their shelves with the entire eco-kids line!  Whether or not we ever receive an order from Beans....I will forever know that eco-kids made it on the shelves.  I would like to think that Leon Leonwood Bean would be proud of my assertiveness and tenacity.

I look forward to a phone call from head quarters wondering who the hell I am and how my products got on their shelves.

If you happen to make a trip to LLBean ask for eco-kids!
eco-kids Flash Merchandising™ at Beans!


  1. That is awesome! Good old yankee ingenuity :)

  2. Oh my God I'm so proud. I'm so, so very proud.

  3. That is awesome!!! What a bold move...only good can come of this!

  4. Your products look so lovely on their shelves. A natural fit, really. Go get 'em Eco-Kids!