It has been an odd week at eco-kids.  There have been a lot of special requests coming from all directions. Some good, some frustrating.  We are looking forward to working with a non profit group - supplying eco-kids products to children in over 25 hospitals around the country.  More to come on that as it develops!  When you own a small family business it's always hard to please everyone. There are distributors, rep groups, retailers, your wife, and most importantly your kids.

Jack doesn't understand why I can't stop my day the second he gets off the bus and play Star Wars, with used action figures bought off eBay that were made during 1978 to 1982.  Back when the toys were made in Hong Kong with quality, and have the names of kids from generations past written on the bottom of there feet. (Sorry had to throw that in there, and by the way, they are more affordable, last longer, and have a great sense of nostalgia when you are playing with them).

OK, so back to all these requests.  You can't please everyone as your company grows.  As you grow, you work on bringing your cost of goods down while trying to meet demand.  As you make changes to survive, there will be those who can't change with you, but if those changes build your business while holding on to your convictions of running a sustainable environmentally conscious business...others will come.  It might be hard to see that while in the thick of it, but if you believe in who you are so will they.  You may lose an account, but you'll gain three in return, all the while trying not to let negative energy consume you and wish those party's well. After that, stop what your doing, pick up your X wing fighter, forget that your almost 40, and run around the yard with your son protecting the rebel alliance from the Republic and FLY!

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  1. very well excited to read more on your blog and try out more of your glad citrus lane included you in their box this month!!