Two Worlds Collide

So...I live a double life. I must admit it now.  Some of you know my secret.  Both lives recently collided as scheduling and logistics came into play.   I have acted in several films and one is a popular horror film called The Strangers.  I have to say that whether or not you are a fan of horror films, there is nothing like a horror convention.  The fans of these films are passionate and always so happy to meet you.  They are some of the best fans on the planet.   
You never hear of Romantic Comedy Conventions, right?

So getting logistics, flights and contracts squared away, along with traveling to NYC for eco-kids means the two paths will finally cross.  I always find it interesting when fans in the film world come up to me almost too scared to speak.   I want to tell them “don't worry…its okay, I make art supplies and toys in real life!”   Or, when I’m at a trade show for eco-kids and people ask if I have a background in chemistry,  I usually get a good laugh.
I've always kept these two worlds separate but I have learned that people want to know about eco-kids, our family, and my life.  So when you meet me and I am showing you our new markers, playing with your kids at our art table, painting with our vegetable paints, or showing you the new woodland world coloring book, remember...
I’m an ax-wielding maniac in the film world!
Kip Weeks

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