Phone calls, e-mails, deliveries, new employees, new products! 

Fourth quarter has started and retailers are gearing up for the holidays.  This is a great time of year for business like mine.  Another busy summer getting new products to market has come and gone.  If I look back, my favorite time in our business is when there is not enough time in the day to get it all done.  We've been answering questions from every avenue that they could come from. 
I am so happy to be delivering five new products to market in the next few weeks that have been in development for over a year. One in particular, our new eco-markers, has been a constant thought for over five years. 
We are honored to bring our world and our children the "FIRST" alcohol free fruit, plant and vegetable based markers.  Each box of markers will have 6 colors; blue, brown, purple, green, orange and yellow.  On top of that the casings used to make our marker barrels are made from biodegradable plastic.  I am proud that we are part of the evolution of sustainable products that fit into what needs to be a sustainable lifestyle.  

We are all learning how to be better people to the earth.
 It is our responsibility to make it better. 
I love industry and business but today I feel like saying, 
"Go Hug a Tree!!!"

eco-markers at eco-kids
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  1. Subscribed! I love these! Such a great idea!

  2. subscribed! These sound awesome!

  3. subscribed via email! what a blessing these are o us dye free families!

  4. Where can I buy these eco-markers? I'm in Atlanta and am gathering school supplies! Thanks!