There are two Japanese lilac trees in our front yard.  This morning I became aware just how bare they have become.  During spring, I always look forward to the arrival of green buds on these trees.  They have an amazing scent that lasts for months and since moving to Maine they have signified warmth and growth to me.
  It was a summer full of travel with the kids, planting our garden and mowing the lawn.  Today is a new day.  The leaves are falling and for the first time there is frost on the cars.  It is cold.  It is Fall.  Halloween, Thanksgiving and the holidays are around the corner.  For most, this is a time of year to slow down.  Shorter days filled with fires, winter stews, and of course lots of dark ales. For eco-kids it is time to gear up. Like most businesses the fourth quarter is when it all needs to come together.  This is the time of year when we order the most from our vendors to supply the needs of our retailers.  We are preparing for two trade shows in January and February.  It's hard to believe that we are already fulfilling orders for our eco-eggs coloring kit.  The response to this product over the years has been amazing.  This year we will be sold at Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn Kids, West Elm, JCrew, and Whole Foods.  And most importantly, hundreds of Mom and Pops that were and still are the backbone of our rising success.  It's almost too mind blowing to imagine that this all started at a farmers market in Los Angeles.  It is time to buckle in for the ride of endless phone calls, business meetings, Jet Blue Mileage points, and lots and lots of coffee!

On a side note, I would like to add that the other night in Portland, Maine we had a 4.0 earthquake!  Yes an EARTHQUAKE!  I thought there was a runaway train or an off course jet.  I never would have thought when we left Los Angeles that Maine would be where I felt my largest earthquake.  Maybe it was a sign.  

Anything can happen, right? 

So I guess for us, we are meant to travel an open minded path and let the bumps in the road change our present coarse.

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